The Bog Irish Rugby Fanzone

  • Where
    The Bog christchurch
  • Date
    Saturday 9th September
  • Time
  • Cost

🏈🌎🏆 The excitement is real for the Rugby World Cup 2023. 8 Sept – 28th Oct.
The Bog is your home for all Ireland Games live and loud on the big screen, craic and the Guinness will be pouring.

Saturday 9th Sept France vs New Zealand 7.15am – Live + breakfast
Saturday 9th Sept Italy vs Namibia 11pm (replay 10th 2pm)
Sunday 10th Sept Ireland vs Romania 1.30am (replay 10th Midday)
Sunday 10th Sept Australia vs Georgia 4.00am (replay 10th 9.30am)
Sunday 10th Sept England vs Argentina 7.00am (replay Sunday)
Sunday 10th Sept Japan vs Chile 11pm (replay 11th Midday)
Monday 11 Sept South Africa vs Scotland 3:45am (replay 11th 2.30pm)
Monday 11 Sept Wales vs Fiji 7.00am (replay 11th 5pm)

Friday 15th Sept France vs Uruguay 7.00am (replay 15th Midday)
Saturday 16 Sept New Zealand vs Namibia 7.00am Live + breakfast
Sunday 17th Sept Samoa vs Chile 1.00am (replay 17th Midday)
Sunday 17th Sept Wales vs Portugal 3:45am (replay 17th 9.30am)
Sunday 17th Sept Ireland vs Tonga 7.00am Live + breakfast
Monday 18th Sept South Africa vs Romania 1:00am (replay 18th 5pm)
Monday 18th Sept Australia vs Fiji 3.45am (replay 18th 2.30pm)
Monday 18th Sept England vs Japan 7.00am (replay 18th Midday)

Thursday 21st Sept Italy vs Uruguay 3.45am (replay 22nd 2.30pm)
Friday 22nd Sept France vs Namibia 7.00am (replay 22nd Midday)
Saturday 23rd Sept Argentina vs Samoa 3:45am (replay 23rd Midday)
Sunday 24th Sept Georgia vs Portugal 12am (replay 24th 1pm)
Sunday 24th Sept England vs Chile 4:45am (replay 24th 10.30am)
Sunday 24th Sept South Africa vs Ireland 8am Live + breakfast
Monday 25th Sept Scotland vs Tonga 4:45am (replay 25th 2.30pm)
Monday 25 Sept Wales vs Australia 8am (replay 25th Midday)

Thursday 28 Sept Uruguay vs Namibia 4:45am (replay 28th Midday)
Friday 29th Sept Japan vs Samoa 8am (replay 29th Midday)
Saturday 30th New Zealand vs Italy 8.00am (replay Sunday)
Sun 1 Oct Argentina vs Chile 2am (replay 1st 5pm)
Sunday, 1st Oct Fiji vs Georgia 4:45am (replay 1st 2.30pm)
Sunday, 1st Oct Scotland vs Romania 8:00am (replay 1st Midday)
Monday 2nd Oct Australia vs Portugal 4:45am (replay 2nd 2.30pm)
Monday 2nd Oct South Africa vs Tonga 8am (replay 2nd Midday)

Friday 6th Oct New Zealand vs Uruguay 8am Live + breakfast
Saturday 7th Oct France vs Italy 8am (replay 7th Midday)
Sunday 8th Oct Wales vs Georgia 2am (replay 8th Midday)
Sunday 8th Oct England vs Samoa 4.45am (replay 8th 10.30am)
Sunday 8th Oct Ireland vs Scotland 8am Live + breakfast
Monday 9th Oct Japan vs Argentina 12am Live + breakfast
Monday 9th Oct Tonga vs Romania 4:45am (replay 9th 5pm)
Monday 9th Oct Fiji vs Portugal 8am (replay 9th 2.30pm)

QF1 – Sunday 15 Oct 4am – 1C vs 2D
QF2 – Sunday 15 Oct 8am – 1B vs 2A
QF3 – Monday 16 Oct 4am – 1D vs 2C
QF4 – Monday 16 Oct 8am – 1A vs 2B

Saturday 21 Oct 8am – Winner QF1 vs Winner QF2
Sunday 22 Oct 8am – Winner QF3 vs Winner QF4

Saturday 28 Oct 8am – 3/4 Play off
Sunday 29 Oct 8am – Final Live