Guinness Pint Club

guinnessRecognised in countries around the world, the Guinness club exists to reward loyal drinkers of Ireland’s famous pint.

From humble roots to a membership of over 3000, the 100 Pint Club of New Zealand sends out thousands of reward gifts each year to members who drink Guinness in pubs and bars across New Zealand.

There are over 100 registered pubs and bars that have been awarded 100 Pint Club status, where you can become a 100 Pint Club Member. If you are reading this, then you most likely drink Guinness, so come and join the Club at any of The Bog bars!


Simply as the bar staff for a 1759 Club Membership Form. Then, consume 100 Pints of Guinness within a 12 month period. For each pint you purchase, ask your bartender to stamp your 100 Pint card.

When your card is stamped 100 times, simply return it to the bar staff who will set you up as a member. As a new member you will receive a Club Polo Shirt and will be eligible to build up to 500 Pint Status. You’ll also get your name added to the Guinness Club board at your local Bog.

There are 4 levels of membership: 100 pints, 500 pints, 1000 pints, and 2000 pints. With each level your complimentary rewards increase – members at 500 points receive 1 reward per year, 1000 pint members 2 rewards, and 2000 pint members 3 rewards.

Please ask the bar staff for a membership form and also for the full terms and conditions.