Willie and Friends

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    The Bog christchurch
  • Date
    Sunday 2nd January
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Every Sunday The Bog will be providing some performance afternoons for up and coming musicians, supported by professional musicians Willie McArthur & Elly Rydge.

This week our MC is Willie McArthur and our performers are… Gordon Goodinson, Fraser Dean, and Anna and the HusBand.

Gordon Goodinson
A guitarist, singer, songwriter who has played guitar on and off for 50 years, growing up around the north east of England first hearing the folk songs of the north as a child then the music of the 60s like the Beatles and the Animals blasting out on his auntie’s little portable record player. Moving to NZ at an early age he borrowed $15 from his parents to buy his first cheap acoustic guitar from the guitar section at Farmers Trading Company, since then he has never looked back and to this day has successfully escaped all the trappings of fame and fortune.

Fraser Dean
Hailing from the Bay of Plenty, Fraser Dean is a newcomer to the Christchurch music scene. The first Covid lockdown was the catalyst for rediscovering his passion for acoustic guitar and songwriting. Fraser has been busy writing his debut album and gathering courage to actually play his songs in public. His music matches his mellow personality and he can be expected to play folky tunes with plenty of fingerpicking.
You can follow his progress at
📷 @fraserdeanmcmusic
☁️ https://www.soundcloud.com/fraser-mccarthy-287074274

Anna and the HusBand
James and Anna Cull (a.k.a. Pavlova Paradise) are a husband and wife duo from Christchurch who have recently started performing Anna’s original songs under the name Anna and the HusBand. Their first performance of 2022 will feature new songs that have a playful, retro vibe and a lot of heart. None have been recorded as yet and so this is a rare opportunity to hear such instant classics as ‘Alibi’, ‘Love Forever’ and ‘Recipe for Disaster in 5/4’.

The Bog is offering a Roast & Drink special for $25 if you come down to support our entertainers! Just come find Willie to get the special code for this deal!

To book your own performance session you can drop us a message or contact us here
Willie McArthur – williemcarthurmusic@yahoo.com
Elly Rydge – ellyrydge@gmail.com